Entrepreneurial & Business Development

Entrepreneurial & Business Development

Prosperytal focuses on entrepreneurial- and business development. We support our clients through the different phases of their development and are involved from intelligence gathering, development of business models, evaluating your business, to the development of strategies to enable your business to realize its full potential for enhanced profitability and growth in the long term.

Prosperytal offers a vast resource base for the commercial success of its clients. Services offered are:

  • Facilitate finance applications to major development funding institutions, banks, private funds, etc.
  • Market analysis and development Marketing Plans & Strategies
  • Develop comprehensive Business Plans
  • Conduct Due Diligence Studies
  • Conduct Feasibility Studies
  • Facilitate Tourism Development
  • Facilitate Foreign Direct Investment
  • Networking

Market analysis and Marketing Plans

Entrepreneurs need to be aware of the dynamics of the specific market in which they operate. A market analysis will not only determine the attractiveness this market but will also include a SWOT analysis of the company and how this relate to the market.

The actions needed to achieve marketing objectives are described in the marketing plan. This plan also includes the company’s current position in the market.

Business Plans

Business plans are tailor made to suit the specific needs of clients. It typically consists of two main components, the financial modelling and a comprehensive business description. The financial modelling is a detailed simulation or budget of the proposed project for four or up to eight years.

Due Diligence

A custom made due diligence study can focus either on various areas in the business itself or on a business proposal.

Feasibility Studies

To support decision making within a business an inclusive feasibility study will outline the economic viability of the business or project.

Tourism Development

Whether you own or want to start a guest house, hotel, private game reserve, wine estate, wellness centre, back packers’ lodge or conference centre, Prosperytal will facilitate the development of your tourism enterprise.


Our network of business alliances include strategic planning, intellectual property development, market research and match making.

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